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How to Use WebEx for Foodpreneur Video Meetings

We here at The Foodpreneur use Cisco Webex for our client meetings and webinars.

You will need a webcam and microphone to use Webex. Most webcams have a built in microphone. Virtually all laptops have webcams and microphones built in.  You may find having a headset to be helpful to reduce background noise.

The following video will step you through the process.

When a meeting is scheduled you will receive an email that is similar to the picture shown here.

At the appointed time you click the green "Join" button.

 Next you will see this screen. After entering your name and email, click "Join"

Note regarding Java Script

If you see this screen, follow the instructions for enabling "Java Script" for the browser you are using. Java Script is not the Java the newsmedia is reporting on regarding security issues)

 Next you will see this screen.

Upon entering the meeting room click "Call Using Computer"

Webex is now entering you into the conference and setting up your audio connection.

Finally you will be in the meeting room and see your name in the upper right corner. Click the camera icon to enable your webcam.

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