Creating businesses and launching food brands along the path from the test kitchen to the shelf to the consumer’s plate

Foodpreneur Food & Beverage Expert Services

Dom Celentano
The vast majority of food entrepreneurs in the concept stage get the most value by working with us on a Feasibility analysis... understanding what it takes getting from Kitchen to Cash fast! 

You learn about how to identify the real market opportunities, then moving into creating an idea that capitalizes on the opportunity. We then scope out a business model that can make money based on working on your specialty food business.  You get from Kitchen to Cash fast!

So Who Am I and Why we can Help You?

Well I started in the food business as a teenager working for my family business, Celentano Bros. Inc. Prior to selling the company we were the number 1 frozen prepared meals on the East Coast and best know for our Round Ravioli.

Over the years I learned every facet of the food business, running a major food production facility, developing over 75 different products, launching products and managing food brokers in 30 states... managing an internal sales force of 10 people, developing winning packaging concepts and creating compelling retail buyer presentations and in-store marketing programs.  

Esther Luongo Psarakis
In addition to my experience of 30 plus years I received an MBA in Food Marketing from Saint Joseph's University, the only university with a master degree in food marketing. I also write the columns for Food & Beverage on and have the inside story on the latest trends and techniques that food entrepreneurs need to know.  

I have seen and experienced it all and am uniquely qualified to help you anywhere in your path, whether it be Getting out of the Kitchen, Getting your products On The Shelf or promoting your product to Get it on the Consumers Plate!

Eshter Luongo Psarakis is the founder of Taste of Crete ™,a gourmet food company born out of her personal passion for the people, culture, history and food of Crete, Greece. Products include award winning Taste of Crete EVOO, line of Greek Vegan Cookies make with extra virgin olive oil and a line of fresh prepared Greek meals based on family recipes. 

Esther co-launched the Foodpreneur Bootcamp as a webinar series which enables students to participate virtually from any location. Its comprehensive curriculum covers the three main stages of development leading to success: Getting Out of the Kitchen, On to the Shelf and On to the Consumers Plate.  She is a frequent "foodpreneur" featured expert on my Food & Beverage Industry site at 


What We do - We Are Your Experts in the Food & Beverage Business

Pick What You Can Afford

We help food entrepreneurs create businesses and launch food brands... providing expertise to profitably move you along the path from the test kitchen to the shelf to the consumer’s plate. Our food expert services and educational seminars help food entrepreneurs create successful food busunesses.


How Can We Help You

Startups and Early Stage companies need guidance in creating a sustainable food business. You need a retail ready product line to successfully pitch retail grocery buyer. Here are some examples of what people need help with:
  • New or revised product pricing for maximum profitability
  • How to find and work with a co-packer
  • Packaging design from concept to production
  • New product launch plan
  • Supermarket buyer product PowerPoint presentation
  • Trade promotion plans to support your retail customers
  • Social media planning for Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and more
  • Identifying sales growth issues and profitability challenges
  • Identifying marketing segments that have opportunities that match the company’s core competencies
  • Entering new channels  For example you may be selling to retail grocery or specialty stores and may not see opportunities in the c-store segment, small format entrants such as Trader Joe, foodservice, and the list goes on.

How Much Does It Cost?

Preliminary Consultation

Our first meeting is a 1 hour consultation costing $50 (a 40% discount from our normal fee!), via our video conference system. It is that easy!

note: in person sessions are quoted on an individual basis


The Foodpreneur Process - Kitchen to Cash Program

The Foodpreneur New Product Launch Kitchen to Cash Program is the best way to follow up from our initial meeting. 

Compete Kitchen to Cash Program   10 Hours in 1 to 1.5 hour sessions       $900

You may pay in 2 installment payments, $500 and the remaining $400 with Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Once you complete the Kitchen to Cash Program you will have your own FoodPreneur Kitchen to Cash Plan. This document will be your guide to Get out of the Kitchen and On to the Retailer Shelf with your product idea. 


Need More Foodpreneur Guidance?

We can customize a fee schedule if you want us to be with you throughout your journey.  


Information to Prepare for Our First Meeting

  • To use our time best, consider specific questions you have in mind. These should be broad based growth questions or questions related to core challenges or roadblocks.
  • Download and complete the Questions to Ask Before You Start or Grow Your Business. Don't try to create perfect answers. This is a work in progress and your first step in formulating your eventual Marketing Plan.
  • Create a list of 3 objectives you want to accomplish, use this as a guide: 
    • My first Objective to achieve in 3 months is…
    • My second Objective to achieve in 6 months is…
    • My third Objective to achieve in 12 months is…


Want To Go from Kitchen to Cash? 

Complete the above information and email to me at 

For further questions call us at 973 433 6630 or drop us a note