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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Are you a food entrepreneur? Don’t spend money on a web site design!

At least until you read this step by step on getting an accurate website quote.

So you’ve been tasked with getting a website quote for your company.  Where do you begin? Cheryl Smithem founder of Charleston Public Relations and Design has tips for you before you spend money.

A website is a critical component in your customers Path to Purchase. Never heard of the Path to Purchase? Well click on the Path to Purchase Slide Presentation to see how critical it is in your website which directly affects What You Need to Prepare to For Developing a Website.

Article Topics You Need to Know

Cheryl outlines important topics in What You Need to Prepare to For Developing a Website, such as:  

Know your requirements

Create a planning document

Getting started

Ecommerce considerations

The all import Five W’s:

  • Who?  Are your website visitors? Who are your customers?
  • What? Will they do when they reach your site?
  • When? Will they seek information, services or products that lead them to your site?
  • Where? Will you promote your website?
  • Why? Are you creating a website? Why are your visitors here? Why will they trust you? Why will they buy from you?

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