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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chobani GoReal Crowdsourcing Chobani Moments in Consumer Stories

Chobani is not selling their yogurt on Features and Benefits... so what are they doing?

They are launching Chobani GoReal a medial campaign that sells feelings, lifestyles and life moments of consumers enjoying Chobani.

The new campaign will debut nationally on Sunday, February 24, 2013 during the 85th Academy Awards. The 60-second "Go Real Chobani- Real Is" spot will run during the ABC Pre-Show and again during the Oscars Program. The 30-second "Go Real Chobani- Start With" spot will air during E!'s pre and post-Oscars shows.

So Why Should You Care?

"Hey Dom, you should be writing about how to find packaging or where to get ingredients or the the magic bullet to get brokers to sell my products".

Well Chobani is taking Social Media marketing to the next level... creating a story in pictures from real time social media feeds. One place, one picture, one message that sell nothing but feelings and emotions.

That means the small guys in the food business have to ramp up their marketing efforts... you should be learning how to capitlize on the crowd, stories about your brand and real social media... not boring pages of thinly veiled advertising messages.

OK, get mad at me for being blunt... but this industry is changing fast and if you think all you need is great tasting food... well, you just may be out of business in the future.

So read on about this new program.


The Chobani GoReal Campaign?

People love and relate to stories and Storytelling Marketing is what GoReal is all about. "The creative inspiration for the television spots was sparked from the hundreds of real moments Chobani fans share through their social media channels on a daily basis," said John Connors, CEO of Boathouse. 

Crowdsourcing Stories from Chobani Brand Fans

Chobani will take their almost 700,000 Facebook fans and Twitter fans and asks them share their first time stories trying Chobani. OK, you say so what... every brand wants their fans to tell stories and let's face it... Facebook Sponsored Stories is an example of morphing ads into stories in your newsfeed.

The big deal is they are taking pictures, tweets and posts and aggregating them digitally via #tastereal. It is dynamic and and interactive which means they are using some fairly sophisticated software to scrape social media content into one colorful portal, as you can see from a screen shot picture at

They say they will be enabling sharing Chobani coupons and other targeted digital content supporting  Go Real Chobani.

Chobani GoReal Page with Dynamic Realtime Social Feeds turned into a Picture Story


Chobani Real is Original



Chobani Start With 


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