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Friday, December 7, 2012

Do I need a social media plan for my small food business?

No! You Need a Marketing Plan With The Right Social Media Tools!

I attended a seminar run by Ric Dragon of Dragon Search Marketing. It was not the usual Social Media pitch.   like how to create a Facebook page or how to write a blog.

It was a process that for some would seem... well... backwards! However it expresses the need to start with Outcomes.

Why Start with Outcomes?

Well, if you don't know where you want to go (the outcome), then how do you know how to get there? Simple... right?

Notice that the "creative Solutions", which are your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, etc... are 6 steps deep in the plan.

So why don't you start with Outcomes? Because the fun part is seeing your Facebook page being created... Outcomes require strategic thinking. AND, it also means you might develop outcomes that you just can't execute... scary thought isn't it?

Check out his slide presentation here.

What are Your Outcomes for Your Food Business?

Can you tell me what your Outcomes are? If so let me know and maybe we can blog about your food business.



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