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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Banner Ads Show Up Based on Your Profile. Ad Space Bought in Auction as Your Page Loads

Your on the web searching for "you name it" and increasingly as you click the link you are interested in,  powerful computers behind the scenes are profiling you and making decisions on the display ads you see.
This fascinating article in the NY Times says "In split-second auctions, companies are jockeying for the chance to buy online ads geared to your specific tastes. But consumer advocates see a risk of a computer-generated class system."

Profiling Reveals Amazing Relationships About Consumers

Here is what the Turn Dashborad Looks Like for advertisers to manage the bidding, budget and where their ad displays will appear. This type of tool found that, for a sneaker brand, democratics exercised more and were better segments to target sneaker ads to...

NY Times Article Your Online Attention Bough in an Instant

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