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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Research By Driving Around

I did some Research By Driving Around for my new client Momma Lenas Eggnog Poundcake.

We at The Foodpreneur practice Research By Driving Around to analyze Competition and Price Points. Watch the video to see how I did my shopping and some quick research!

While you are shopping gather information on competitive products and price points. 
Momma Lenas has a unique twist to poundcake, the addition of real eggnog. Since there is NO direct competition Momma Lenas pricing should be higher than the competition's since it is differentiated.

Smartphones are great to capture your research by driving around so consider creating a simple video to capture not only price points and competitive brands but to gather visuals on how your competitors packaging stacks up to yours.

Check out other food entrepreneurs and their business pitches.

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